Terms and conditions

WTA general terms and conditions

  1. Dancing is a physical skill, in order to help and facilitate our students’ learning a teacher may occasionally physically guide a movement by touch.
  2. Correct uniform and shoes, as listed on our website, must be worn to all classes.
  3. Our annual productions are an integral part of the school and as such require total commitment from our students. Other than in very exceptional circumstances students are expected to partake in all their allocated performances, and in particular, for safety reasons, the dress rehearsal preceding the show at the performance venue.
  4. Any costumes hired for productions must be returned in their entirety to us on the given date.

Additional Covid-19 regulations

Before term checklist

1.    Please ensure you have paid for the first half term of lessons in advance.

Class numbers must be limited to allow for correct social distancing measures so.

2.    Social bubbles. Please be advised that the street dance, ballet, pre-professional jazz and group singing classes will cross the jazz ‘class bubbles’. If you are at all uncomfortable with your child attending any of these classes please contact us immediately.

3.    Check the timetable. There must be a 15-minute interval between all our classes. Please double check all your class times on the class schedule.

4.    Contact details. Please ensure all our contact details for you are up to date.

5.    Parking permits. Ensure you have a WTA parking permit clearly displayed in your car (please let us know if you do not have one).

6.    Put names on EVERYTHING, including water bottles. We will not be able to keep lost property. Anything left after class that is not named will have to be thrown away.

7.    Yoga mats for stretches. For stretching on the floor, we ask please that all students in jazz classes 5 and up bring a yoga mat to every jazz class.

8.   Face shields for group singing. All students aged 11+ must wear a face shield for group singing lessons

9.    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – If a student has any symptoms of coronavirus or has been in contact with anyone with symptoms, please DO NOT send them to class.

On arrival at the Jubilee Hall

·     All students to enter the building through the main double front doors. NOT via the rear kitchen entrance.

On arrival at the Studio

·      Younger students will be met by a teacher/class assistant. Due to limited space on walkways parents will not be allowed beyond this point.  

Both venues

·      Form an orderly queue. All students will be required to queue before entering The Studio. Students must maintain social distancing when queuing for class.

·      Pop a mask on. Students aged 11 and over will need to wear a mask when entering the building (masks will not be required during class).

·      Not too hot. Before entering the building, students will be temperature checked with a contactless thermometer gun, to ensure they are below 38C.

Any students found to be above this temperature will be asked to leave immediately.

We ask all parents to please remain in your car, in the car park until students have been admitted into the hall on passing their temperature check.

·      Wrap up warm. Students must dress correctly “for the elements” in case they are required to wait outside for several minutes. Layers should be worn over uniform if necessary.

·      Air hugs only. Students should not hug their friends or teachers please – tragic but necessary.

·      Sanitise. On entering the building students will be asked to sanitise their hands. Sanitiser will be provided.

·      Once inside. Students can leave their coats and shoes in the changing rooms as normal. They must not congregate in the changing room, but instead move straight into the main hall/studio.

·      X marks the spot. The Jubilee hall floor will be marked at 2 metre intervals with X’s. Students must go straight to an X ready to dance.

·      Pick a square. The Studio floor will be divided into 2 metre squares. Students must go straight to a square ready to dance

·      Dance shoes and FULL water bottles only. Wherever possible students should not bring anything else with them to class (except for students in jazz classes 5 and up, who will need a yoga mat for stretching on the floor).

 During class – various bits ‘n’ pieces to help keep everyone safe.

·      The hall floor will be marked at 2 metre intervals with X’s or squares. Students will be required to dance within an allocated space at all times.

·      Class numbers will be limited to allow for correct social distancing to be maintained.

·      Wherever possible, teachers will face the mirrors during class to minimise face-to-face teaching.

·      Teachers will remain at a safe distance from students throughout.

·      All class music will be run at ‘conversational level’ to prevent the need to raise voices.

·      Whenever possible, windows will be kept open to increase ventilation.

·      Floor stretches may be conducted on a yoga mat. All students in jazz classes 5 and up, will be required to bring their own yoga mat for stretching on the floor.

·      Toilet facilities will be limited to one person at a time.

 After class from the Jubilee Hall

·      Going home. Students will leave through the rear kitchen door, where they can be met by parents if necessary.

After class from the Studio

·      Going home. Parents of younger students will need to queue at the corner of the green fence. Students will be released individually as and when parents arrive.

·      Pop a mask on. Students aged 11 and over will need to wear a mask when exiting the building.

Both venues

·      Sanitise – we just can’t hear it enough! Students will sanitise their hands again on leaving the premises.

·      Don’t lose it. Any unnamed lost property will be thrown away. Named items can be returned to students at their next class.

·      Mind the gap. There will be a 15-minute interval between all classes to avoid students over lapping and to allow teachers to sanitise the hall ready for the next lesson.